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Get Help From A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured due to the negligent acts of another person, you should consider hiring an attorney... at no upfront cost to you.

One objective is to maximize your claims, which means getting as much money as possible.

This requires a thorough investigation of the facts, analysis of legal issues, and strong negotiations with insurance companies and opposing parties.

Many cases are settled prior to trial, which requires your attorney to have skills to negotiate the best possible outcome.

If you have been injured, contact an attorney today. We’re here to help.

What Are The Most Common Accident Injury Claims?

Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents are the most frequent type of personal injury claim. Drivers who operate their vehicles negligently may be responsible.

Workers Compensation Accidents are common at construction sites where unsafe conditions may exist.

Dog Bites can be very harmful, and if a dog is predisposed to attack or bite, the owner can be liable.

Slip and Fall Injuries that occur when an owner of a public places fails to keep the premises safe.

Medical Malpractice, occurs when a doctor breaches his duty of care to his patient, resulting in harm. This includes injury from misdiagnosis.

Wrongful Death typically is negligence claim when someone breaches a responsibility, causing death.

Defective Products: A consumer product must be safe when used as intended. This includes dangerous drugs.

Other Negligent Acts may include boating accidents, intentional bad acts, defamation, and premises liability.

Elements of a Negligence Claim

We sometimes hear on the news that a person or company “was found negligent.”. But what does this mean exactly?

A Negligence claim requires these 4 specific elements:

1. A legal duty to exercise reasonable care;

2. A breach of duty to exercise reasonable care, using the standard of the reasonably prudent person:

3. Causation, or showing that an injury was due to a breach of duty to exercise reasonable care;

4. A harm or injury

If you believe you have been injured because someone was negligent, contact an attorney.

We can help.


Insurance companies don't want you to know...

Settlements for
injury victims were

40% higher

with attorney

than without it.

85% of all

money paid out
by insurance

for bodily injury claims
goes to clients who
hired an attorney.
Cases respresented by an
attorney often result in

2 to 3 times

higher settlement

than when they don't
hire an attorney.

Common Types of Personal Injury Claims


Accidents can cause serious injuries, including spinal damage, herniated disks, whiplash, broken bones, lacerations, and trauma.


Victims of accidents often suffer from physical and mental distress, also known as pain and suffering.


Victims of accidents may suffer from being unable to work following a car wreck. Factors included in a claim include age, occupation, experience, and life expectancy.


If an injury caused your spouse to be unable to show affection, especially during sexual activity, your attorney may pursue a claim for loss of affection or companionship.

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